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Manufacturing process:

The excellence of a job well done

The tiles are made with a special selection of Mediterranean clay, stored in the open air and indoors, to homogenize the composition. Subsequently, the clay is crushed and mixed in exact proportions with each type of product due to the computerization of the process. This results in an ultra-fine and totally homogeneous grain. The composition is then mixed and, by means of an extrusion process, in which the mixture is subjected to vacuum and compacted to the maximum, it is ready to produce the various types of tiles with full guarantee.

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Photovoltaic panels

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Absolutely. As long as the same format is kept, the colors can be mixed creating unique and totally customized compositions. In our gallery you can find different examples of combinations that mix 3 and 4 colors on the same roof. In addition, our technical department is at your disposal, which can advise you on the best combinations for your home.

The enamel, in addition to the shine, ensures that the water is repelled on the surface, allowing a more durable color over time than the engobed tile can have. This is always under the premise of a good tile installation in which, in order to obtain a better performance and durability of the roof, it is necessary to perform a good ventilation under the tile from the eaves to the ridge, incorporating ventilation plates depending on the length of the skirts.

Placing it in a ceramic roof allows thermal insulation, reaching variations of + 3º in winter and -3º in summer, favoring energy savings in the house. In the case of dark colors, as in the case of any other material, the heat absorption is higher, so the tendency is to use lighter colors in warmer areas, while in colder areas more colors are used: reddish and dark . In any case, it is worth noting the high degree of thermal insulation offered by ceramic tiles compared to other metal, plastic or concrete tiles. This better thermal behavior is increased with the correct installation of the tiles, especially in terms of slope and low roof ventilation.

The plates are made with different clay compositions which, being natural materials, can show slight variations in tone after firing. This may be more pronounced in white clays as they are more susceptible. In order to obtain a more homogeneous roof and not to notice such small variations, it is recommended to mix the different pieces of the pallet, because the placement of the tiles according to the finish does not have a predetermined order.

Tiles sold by LEXTOM ROOF

Options to choose the roof that best suits your needs and tastes:

The versatility of LEXTOM ROOF's brands offer includes five main tile formats: Mixed, Curved, Flat, Visum3 and Flat, formats that are of the widest combination of colors that cover any type of architectural need: from colonial projects to the most contemporary.

These products are complemented by a wide range of special parts and accessories for roofs that facilitate assembly and give the roof a perfect and polished finish.

Quality products certified by projects in over 65 countries on 5 continents: the tiles from the Brands sold by LEXTOM ROOF meet the highest quality standards at national and international level (such as AENOR, AFNOR, ICC-ES, DIN EN-1304, NOA…), Due to its rigorous and constant quality controls throughout the production process, it allows us to sell products with the maximum guarantee worldwide.

Service and commitment: La Escandella's service is provided by its more than 55,000 m2 of combined manufacturing space with more than 230,000 m2 of storage space, which guarantees an immediate response anywhere in the world.
In addition, the company is committed to innovating, incorporating daily improvements into its product processes, choosing us to be the official distributors for EASTERN EUROPE.

We guarantee that ceramic tiles and its accessories do not have manufacturing defects (including frost resistance) for 35 years from their manufacture up to 100 years depending on the models you choose.

Humidity control

During this process, real-time humidity control is performed using probes. At the exit of the dryer, the tile is decorated and individually classified.

Those parts that do not meet the High Quality Standards are diverted for recycling. Burning is done in a tunnel kiln, controlled by a balancing thermal control system.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic roofs have played a key role in the functions of protection and decoration of homes throughout history, allowing us to protect buildings from adverse weather conditions, as well as to integrate them, due to their variety of colors and shapes, in the geographical and architectural environment.
Specifically, we can say that ceramic tile roofs achieve waterproofing, thermal insulation, fire resistance, wind and steam tightness, acoustic insulation and respect for the environment.
Currently, ceramic roofs are chosen compared to other alternative materials, not only for its aesthetic characteristics, but also for its behavior in the most severe climatic conditions, giving the roof durability and integration with the environment. The use of ceramic tiles on the roof is the best quality / price combination and with the tiles from our BRANDS they are associated with a warranty from 35 years to 100 years depending on the chosen model.

Accessories or special parts for the roofs, are mainly elements to ensure the proper functioning and durability of the roof. These pieces are made from the same material as tile (burnt clay) and allow solving the points of singularity or discontinuity of the roof. All technical codes of different countries provide for the use of special parts when assembling covers. The use of these pieces is essential for solving the unique points, ensuring with them the tightness, uniformity and aesthetics of the roof. This allows the installer to make the roofs dry, practically without the use of mortar, thus guaranteeing the properties of the tiles and thus avoiding the appearance of problems such as moisture, chipping, etc. In addition, it is worth noting not only the functional quality that an accessory bag acquires, compared to the one that it does not use, giving it a higher aesthetic value and, therefore, an added value. At LEXTOM ROOF we offer for each of its tile models a very wide range of special parts designed to meet the aforementioned objectives.

In recent years, it has become very fashionable to reuse tiles "saved" from old buildings. However, this can be quite annoying if its provenance and manufacture are difficult to define.
CTE (Technical Building Code) requires a control of the documentation of the consumables used in the work (labeling, manufacturer's warranty and product certifications); Documents difficult to obtain for "saved" and unapproved tiles or after-sales services, so they become only aesthetic elements and not ceramic tile.

If you need a roof extension or a partial repair, you can easily identify the manufacturer and model in the directions on the bottom of the tile. If due to certain consequences the mentioned model can no longer be found, we recommend you to contact LEXTOM ROOF, where we will try to find any stocks of the same model at the more than 1500 distributors in Europe. If even in this form the necessary model cannot be found, we recommend you to restore the entire roof (or part of the roof) and keep the old tiles for possible repairs, choosing a tile model as close as possible in model and color to the existing one.


The ventilation (also called micro ventilation) between the tile and the support panel determines its efficiency and the durability of the roof over the years. The tiles are made of natural clays, which gives them a certain porosity that allows them to "breathe" by absorbing and removing water and retaining moisture inside the building. In order to prevent the appearance of condensation and moisture that lead to leaks inside the house, it is necessary to consider compliance with the roof assembly regulations, as well as good ventilation and the use of accessories that allow this. Due to ventilation, air flows under the tile and allows it dries continuously, as well as reducing the appearance of muscles and fungi, which makes the roof retain its beauty over time. For this, the eaves line and the ridge line must never be mounted with cement or similar, but open to facilitate the passage of air and protected against the entry of birds, insects and small rodents.

Condensation moisture occurs when the temperature is below the dew point of the environment. This process usually takes place in winter and occurs when there is a difference of more than 2° C between the temperature and the cold surface (with air at rest). On the roof, condensation is those small drops of water produced when in an open roof, air concentrates on the bottom of the surface as temperatures drop. This condensation of water can produce moisture, with consistent damage to the roof due to the appearance of fungi and other organisms. This can be avoided by a good installation and ventilation of the roof, which facilitates the passage of air and drying of moisture that can occur under the tile.

Ceramic tile is a product made of natural clays and therefore porous. This porosity is what gives it a certain degree of permeability, which is controlled by our manufacturers through a process of selection, pressing and burning of clay, which eliminates any possibility of leakage caused by the tile. Permeability, as well as other characteristics of the plates from BRANDS sold by LEXTOM ROOF, are measured and audited periodically by various national and international institutes that grant tiles the most rigorous quality certifications. As a general rule, when water leaks appear, in most cases they occur as a consequence of problems with the execution and installation of tiles (lack of inclination, excessive use of mortar, lack of ventilation, closure of single points, such as chimneys, wall joints…) that can affect the tightness of the roof and therefore, they can lead to water leaks. Each case requires a thorough check by a roofing professional.

The muscle or microorganisms that appear on the roof are known, they appear usually due to the exposure of the tiles (due to their porosity and their natural state) to certain circumstances, such as proximity to vegetation, northern orientation of the roof, low slope, air pollution, as well as lack of ventilation and use of mortar.

Avoiding the appearance of verdigris is an almost impossible task given the number of factors that cause its appearance, but it can be prevented with a good dry installation, avoiding above all the use of mortar, as well as a mandatory micro ventilation between the tile and the painting.

On the other hand, depending on the location and characteristics of the area where the house is built, it is advisable to wash the roof every 3 to 5 years, thus eliminating the residues that have accumulated and can prevent the tile from drying out as well as obstruction of rainwater runoff.

White plate rings, called efflorescence, appear on the surface of the tiles due to salts or carbonates from the excess water used in the mortar to install the tiles, as well as due to excess moisture and lack of ventilation of the lid. Moisture emanates through the most ventilated areas, evaporating the water and leaving on the tiles the saltier substances that cause white spots. Despite the fact that the tiles maintain a rigorous salt control, the mortar and water used can cause the appearance of efflorescence, common during the works and which can be easily recovered by moistening the tiles with water and letting them dry (as long as the installation requirements and especially the requirements for roof ventilation are met). If the problem occurs later, it must always be analyzed and treated by specialized personnel, who can not only solve it, but also correct the cause that caused it. Normally, the area will be cleaned with water baths and even vinegar, thus purifying the salts and removing surface stains, but it is always recommended that each case be studied and prescribed according to the type of tile, installation and other architectural details.

In areas exposed to adverse weather conditions and especially in those where the roof is close to the sea, we must pay special attention to the installation of roofs, paying even more importance to their ventilation, so that there are no accumulations of salts or other microorganisms that could damage it.
The micro-ventilation (between the deck and the tile) will allow a correct ventilation of the tiles, quickly drying the humidity caused by the proximity of the sea, rain… giving the tiles and of course the whole roof, a greater durability.

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Photovoltaic panels

Closer to nature

Watch a detailed video:

Closer to nature

Photovoltaic solar panel

High efficiency solar cell. Even in low light conditions, solar panels can maximize their power.

You become friendlier with the surrounding nature and you get maximum efficiency even in low light conditions

High quality EVA and TPT materials protect against cracks and water ingress. 

The use of these materials increases the reliability and durability of the solar panel.

Module type: BREC45S-Rab

Maximum rated power: 47

Maximum power voltage: 5,18

Open circuit voltage: 6,67

Maximum power current: 9,19

Module efficiency: 17%

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    Reason Why Roofing are factmake Easier

    Roof ake type specimen book survived notte five centurieslso the leapinto electronic are when anunknown print theyaery ook…

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    Roof ake type specimen book survived notte five centurieslso the leapinto electronic are when anunknown print theyaery ook…

    Roofing are fact make Easier 10 Reason

    Roof ake type specimen book survived notte five centurieslso the leapinto electronic are when anunknown print theyaery ook…

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