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General Conditions of use for the website

Terms and condition of use

1. By using this website, you consent to these conditions of use. https://www.lextom-roof.ro are subject to the following conditions of use and to all applicable laws. By visiting this website, you automatically accept the terms and conditions below. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, do not access this website.

2. On this website https://www.lextom-roof.ro the terms and conditions apply to all website users, including the users who contribute with information to the website, https://www.lextom-roof.ro may contain links to other websites that are not property of this website, https://www.lextom-roof.ro assumes no responsibility for the content and/or terms of use of any other website. Our website provides you with the information on this website for general information purposes and does not guarantee their accuracy at any given time, although we will try to ensure to the extent possible that all information is accurate at the time of publication on the website.

3. Use of this website – Access to this website is free, the aim of the website is to help users find the necessary information in as easy, structured and fast as possible.

https://www.lextom-roof.ro is a LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. presentation website, in order for https://www.lextom-roof.ro to be able to guarantee permission to use this website, you need to observe the following terms of use:

– use the website for personal and noncommercial interest only

– do not copy or distribute any information (text, photos, videos or any other material) without obtaining the prior written consent of the website admin.

– do not modify or damage any part of this website.

– observe the terms and conditions imposed by this website. You are the sole responsible for the damages caused both to the website and to others, by unauthorized use. As use with or without account, you agree to not use any program, app or any other means of automatic website accessing for spamming, flood, data theft, website modification or alteration. You are the sole responsible for your activity on this website.

4. Intellectual property rights – The content of this website is offered to your free of charge, for information purposes, the content may not be copied, reproduced, used, transmitted, sold, licensed, distributed without the prior written consent of the intellectual property right holder, i.e. LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. You agree to not use, copy, distribute the content of this website for commercial purposes, LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. reserves all rights over the content of this website.

5. Disclaimer – https://www.lextom-roof.ro is not liable for damages caused by mistakes, errors or inaccuracies of materials published on this website. The materials are strictly informative.

6. Acceptance of terms and conditions The website addresses all age categories. By using this website you that read and agreed with the terms and conditions presented on this page.

7. The designers of https://www.lextom-roof.ro are not liable to the way in which the information presented on this website is used. The users of said website are solely responsible for the way in which they use the information on this website. The designers of this website disclaim all liability for any damages, accidents or any other inconveniences due to the use and application of the information on this website.

8. Confidentiality policy – All information provided by users are and will remain confidential, https://www.lextom-roof.ro will not use this information except for personal purposes, and will not use the users’ email addresses to sent unsolicited advertisements.

9. No guarantee – The content of the information refers to the description in a certain degree of detail of LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. activities, products and services, the company will offer no guarantee that:

– slow website loading times and interruptions of use are avoided;
– other systems will not be negatively affected by the use to this website;
– the website provided is free from viruses or other components potentially harmful for the users.

Therefore, LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by the use of its website.

All the information presented on the website regarding LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. products, prices, data, marketing campaigns and promotions, technical data, are given for reference only. Nothing in the content of LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. website could constitute a firm offer to contract or could be binding on LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. in the absence of subsequent agreements.

LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. offers no representation, promise or guarantee regarding the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of this content, of the advice and consultancy, assumes no obligation of result or due diligence with any person, expressly exclude and disclaim all liability for any cost, loss or damages incurred as a result of using the content

10. Objective of website content – The objective of the content is to provide updated and accurate information.

LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. cannot guarantee that these pages are error free, and ensures it will exercise all due diligence to ensure correct information and remedy any errors.

Any persons who wishes to purchase one of the services or products presented on the website is asked to contact LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. using one of the methods displayed on the Contact page of the website, in order to be informed on both the availability of the service or product and on the contractual conditions, rates and technical or other information.

11. Personal information – When you are requested to provide information on this website, this serves to identify you or to ensure that you can be contacted. This is all the more necessary in case of using the apps available on the website.

The nature of the information requested refers in particular to personal data (name, address, telephone numbers), email address, how you use or intend to use LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. products and/or services, but can also include other information closely related with the use of the requested services and/or products.

In order to respond better to the needs and questions of website users, the information requested on this website will be stored and processed electronically.

12. Information provided through the website – Any persons who visits the website and who provides personal data or information through this website gives his/her express and unequivocal consent for the following: processing of that personal data and information by LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L.; delivery of direct marketing promotional materials; response by LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. to the requests, questions and complaints sent (see the Contact page of the website); other activities conducted by LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. and permitted by law, which are not subject to the consent of the recipient.

LEXTOM TRANS ASD S.R.L. will keep this information confidential.

Continued use of this website represents your express and unequivocal consent in accordance with the law 677/2001 and with the GDPR (EU Regulation on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data).

For any questions regarding the exercise of your rights with regard to the use of this website and to use protection, please contact use from the Contact page of the website.